Shielded Cat5e Green Solid Copper Ethernet Cable, F/UTP, POE Compliant, Pullbox, 1000 foot

SKU 846568011054

This 1,000-foot bulk Cat5e cable is conveniently offered in a pullbox, which adds to the convenience of storage and dispensing the cable as it is needed. This solid Cat5e cable's conductors are constructed from 24 AWG (American wire gauge) solid bare copper, which provides for excellent conductivity. Our green Cat5e cable is shielded with AL-foil/Mylar (0.030 x 17 mm), which allows for the conductors to retain a high-quality signal when passing near - or parallel to - high voltage or power cables, and eliminates cross-talk and interference. The outer PVC jacket provides optimal flexibility and has an average thickness of 0.55 mm. The durable PVC jacket also protects the conductors from environmental stressors and various conditions that can adversely affect the conductors' performance.

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