Frequently Asked Questions
Customer Order Inquiry
How long does it take to get my order from my shipping address?

Orders made by Business days (Eastern Standard Time) will be fulfilled the same day it was ordered. However, orders made by weekends will be fulfilled by Monday (5:00PM EST). Since our fulfillment team are only available 5 days a week on Business Days. 

How can i track my orders?
Is the Fairwaymall shipping items from USA?
How long does Direct Fulfillment by Distributor items will get to my address?
Shipping Policy
What is your shipping method?

We always choose the best shipping method to get your products quickly at your on foot, we currently use the following shipping carriers:



- Shipping days usually take 2-7 days normally within our stock warehouse locations. 

- Direct Fulfillment by Distributor will take 7-14 shipping days thru your shipping address.

How much is the shipping cost?
Returns Policy
What's the Return Policy?

30 days guaranteed returns at no cost. Please just make sure that every returns, item must be in original condition. 

*Consumer Electronics have a 1 year warranty if defunctions of the purchased item exist. Contact our Customer Support immediately. 

Which products are non-returnable?
Refund Policy
What's the refund policy?

We would be able to initiate refund, if the purchased product has been returned in original condition within maximum to 10 Banking Days.


Do we get a discount?

Yes! the fairwaymall is commited to provide the best deal especially supplies for your business or needs. We stand to best service and better prices!

Is your customer service available?
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